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Frostbite 2019/2020


  • There are two categories, freestyle (sights) and barebow (without sights) and you may enter either or both as you wish.

  • Juniors and adults will also be separated to give 4 groups overall.

  • Scoring will be November to March inclusive.

  • 3 dozen arrows (6 ends of 6 arrows) shot at 30m on a standard large face target.

  • 6 arrows are permitted as sighters before scoring starts.

  • Scoring is metric, so 10 - 1 from centre to outside ring.

  • You may shoot as many times in the month as you wish and send just your highest round to me via email at the end of each month.

  • Scores must be sent to Tom by the 10th of the following month.

  • If no score is received then a score of zero will be recorded for that month.

Scores / Results

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